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Wind Turbines Will Save Dollars for Lander County Schools

Jan 27, 2012

It’s simple arithmetic: Breezy weather plus wind turbines equals energy savings for the Lander County School District.

Large wind turbines installed in December at Eleanor Lemaire Elementary School in Battle Mountain and the Austin K-12 School are capable of generating up to 360 kilowatts of electricity, which will reduce the school district’s monthly energy bills.

The 80-foot tall generators represent the largest investment in wind power made by any Nevada school district, according to John Hargrove, manager of energy efficiency and conservation for NV Energy.   

Along with the energy savings, the district is receiving a $1.35 million rebate from NV Energy’s RenewableGenerations program to help offset installation costs for the nine 40-kilowatt wind turbines. Three of the turbines are in Battle Mountain and six were installed adjacent to the Austin school.

“The school board was looking for ways to save on energy costs,” said District Superintendent Jim Squibb. “This is a great green alternative and should have long-term benefits for the district.”

Added Squibb, “We’re putting special meters in the foyers at both schools so the students can see firsthand how much energy the wind turbines are producing and how much energy their schools are using. Students at both locations are very aware of the wind turbines and what they will mean to their schools.”

About 35 students attend the small Austin School. “We hope there will be a day when the turbines there will completely negate the energy costs for running that building,” Squibb said.

This isn’t the district’s first foray into renewable energy. Earlier this year, the school district received a $245,700 rebate from NV Energy’s SolarGenerations program for installing a combined total of 100 kilowatts of solar energy at Lemaire Elementary School and at the district’s garage, where school buses are parked under shade structures covered with photovoltaic panels.

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