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NV Energy Re-launches Electric Solar Hot Water Incentive Program

May 15, 2012

A limited number of increased incentives are now available for NV Energy’s solar hot water incentive program.  The newly revamped program will offer incentives to residential customers with electric water heaters who purchase and install a solar hot water system. With an installed solar hot water system, customers could see a significant reduction in costs attributed to water heating on their monthly bill.

Eligible customers can receive a one-time installation incentive of $2,250. Only NV Energy residential customers who own their own home and have an electric water heater qualify for the incentive. Installation must be completed by an eligible program contractor. Reservation notices will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis until June 1. At that time, if the program is oversubscribed, a lottery selection process will be utilized. For full details on this opportunity, please visit RenewableGenerations at  

The solar hot water system works in conjunction with a regular water heating system. A properly sized and installed solar system can provide all the needed hot water until the water it provides falls below a certain temperature due to lack of sun at night or inclement weather. When this happens, the regular system will turn on, ensuring that customers are never without adequate hot water.

Customers with gas-fueled water heaters served by Southwest Gas also are eligible for solar hot water incentives. For information on Southwest Gas’ program, please visit, call 855-743-1603 or email

Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV Energy, Inc. is a holding company with principal subsidiaries Nevada Power Company and Sierra Pacific Power Company doing business as NV Energy. Serving a combined 45,592-square-mile service territory, NV Energy provides a wide range of energy services and products to approximately 2.4 million citizens of Nevada and nearly 40 million tourists annually. 

For further information: Jennifer Schuricht, 702.402.5241