News Releases


Feb 7, 2013

NV Energy has learned that persons wearing stolen NV Energy uniforms are knocking on doors in the Las Vegas area in an attempt to gain access to homes in order to commit robbery.

NV Energy employees will never enter a residence unless an appointment has been previously scheduled.  A technician may also knock on the door to alert customers of their presence in making repairs or installing equipment, but do not need to enter the home.

NV Energy requires field employees and contractors to wear identification badges at all times, which include a photo and employee number.  Anyone claiming to be an NV Energy employee or contractor will be happy to present that badge and employee number when contacting customers in the field. 

If an attempt to enter a home occurs, customers are advised not to open the door and to request to see an NV Energy badge. To verify an employee call NV Energy Corporate Security at 402-5007.

NV Energy is working closely with law enforcement personnel on this issue.

For further information: Jennifer Schuricht, 702-402-5241