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Energy Efficiency Incentives \Available for Commercial Electric Customers

Aug 13, 2013

Funding is still available in northern Nevada from NV Energy’s Sure Bet energy efficiency program for qualifying 2013 projects. Sure Bet offers cash incentives and technical assistance to commercial customers who invest in energy efficiency. Incentives are available for new construction, major renovation projects and existing facility project improvements.

Customers can select a project from a standard list of measures or propose a custom project with verifiable energy savings. Among the standard measures available are energy efficiency lighting, refrigeration and commercial kitchen equipment, HVAC, and variable speed drives that control the electrical output for compressors and motors that operate fans and pumps.

For more information contact Sure Bet at (800) 342-6335 or, or visit the program’s web page at

For further information: Contact: Karl Walquist (775) 834-3891