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Solar Space and Water Heating Featured Oct. 5 at DRI’s REDD Facility

Sep 24, 2013

NV Energy will be hosting a solar space and water heating technology tour at the Desert Research Institute’s Renewable Energy Deployment and Display Facility (the REDD) in Reno on Saturday, Oct. 5, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Anyone interested in solar space or water heating can tour the building and learn about the technology. The building is located on the DRI campus at 2215 Raggio Parkway.   

Representatives from NV Energy’s RenewableGenerations program will be available to answer questions, along with local contractors who can install solar space and water heating equipment.

The REDD is a 1,400-square-foot “home” that eventually be powered solely by renewable energy generated on site.  It already gets power from four types of solar panels, and will soon be getting additional electricity from two wind turbines.

Event participants will also celebrate the completion of a $3,500 solar space heating installation for the building that was donated by NV Energy.

NV Energy introduced the Solar Space Heating program in 2013. Through the program, NV Energy natural gas customers in Reno and Sparks who install solar space heating systems are eligible for rebates to offset equipment and installation costs. The incentives are available for residential customers, small businesses, schools and public buildings.

“Solar space heating is an excellent supplement to heat provided by natural gas furnaces and can significantly lower heating bills,” said John Hargrove, NV Energy’s efficiency and conservation manager.

Solar space heating systems usually consist of solar collectors installed on a south facing roof or wall that concentrate the sun’s energy to heat a fluid or air, then transfer that energy directly into the home or into the home’s ductwork. Electric fans or pumps are typically used to transfer and distribute the heat.

To learn more about Solar Space Heating, visit the RenewableGenerations page on NV Energy’s website,, or call toll free (866) 786-3823.

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