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Don’t Delay if You Smell Gas

Feb 3, 2014

Unlike a dripping faucet or some other home repairs, natural gas leaks are something you can’t afford to put off till later. If you think you smell gas, don’t ignore it. Evacuate the area and call NV Energy’s 24-hour emergency phone number, (775) 834-4100, or call 911, and be sure to use a phone that is well away from the vicinity of the leak.

In its natural state, natural gas is odorless and colorless, so suppliers add an odorant to give it a distinctive sulfur or rotten egg smell. You may also hear an unusual hissing sound if gas is leaking from an appliance connection or a pipe outside your home.

Even if you think the noxious smell at your home or workplace might be caused by something other than gas, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. “We urge customers to call us anytime they smell an unusual odor that might be caused by natural gas,” said Bill McGee, supervisor of gas service for NV Energy.

NV Energy recommends the following if you think you might be near a gas leak:

  • Don’t use any kind of electronic device near a potential leak, even if it is battery operated.
  • Don’t light matches, candles or cigarettes near a leak.
  • Don’t turn on or turn off an electric switch or appliance in the vicinity of the leak.
  • Don’t start a vehicle anywhere near a leak, and don’t operate the garage door opener.

Besides responding to possible gas leaks reported by customers, NV Energy employees conduct regular inspections for leaks throughout the company’s natural gas service territory. They use equipment sensitive enough to detect trace amounts of gas rising through cracks in the pavement on city streets. Commercial districts and schools are inspected for leaks annually and residential areas are inspected every five years.

NV Energy serves approximately 155,000 natural gas customers in Reno and Sparks and a small number of liquid propane gas customers east of Sparks at Rainbow Bend.

Natural gas customers who reside outside of NV Energy’s gas service territory should call their local gas company or call 911 for any suspected gas leaks.

For more gas safety tips, visit NV Energy’s website,

For further information: Karl Walquist (775) 834-3891