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Project Benefits Electric System Reliability in Hawthorne

Feb 14, 2014

NV Energy is replacing aging wooden poles, cross arms and insulators on a power line that serves about 1,300 electric customers located on the east side of E Street in Hawthorne. Technicians inspected the poles prior to the start of the project to identify which ones needed to be replaced.

Scheduled for completion by the end of the summer, the project will improve the reliability of the 12,500-volt power line, said Hawthorne Area Service Manager Will Johnson. Crews began replacing the poles and power line hardware in December.

“The goal of the project is to prevent failures before they happen,” Johnson said, adding that the 19 poles NV Energy is replacing are 40-plus years old and are more likely to be damaged during storms.

The cost of the maintenance project is expected to be approximately $250,000, according to Johnson.

NV Energy serves 2,000 customers in Hawthorne.

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