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NV Energy Proposal to Maintain Solar Jobs and Provide Sustainable Environment for Rooftop Solar

Jul 31, 2015

In keeping with the intent of Senate Bill 374, NV Energy today filed an application with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) proposing rules and rates for new net metering customers that establish a fair and sustainable environment for rooftop solar generation. The new rules and rates are for customers who apply for rooftop solar after the 235-megawatt limit under the current net metering rules is reached. This filing does not affect the rights of customers who have filed valid applications prior to the legislatively established 235-megawatt limit being reached.

Today’s filing outlines a plan to ensure rooftop solar installations can continue after reaching the 235-megawatt limit on systems eligible for the current net metering rate.

"Consistent with the intent of Senate Bill 374, our proposal will create a smooth transition to the new net metering rules being established by the PUCN without interrupting the work being done by our state’s strong solar industry," said Paul Caudill, NV Energy President and Chief Executive Office. "Despite what has been widely reported, NV Energy has no desire to impact jobs at a time when the state's economy needs them. We simply want to establish an environment that is sustainable, and with the low cost of large-scale solar energy available in the market today, the current net metering subsidy is not."

In its filing, NV Energy proposes a standard net metering rate and an optional time of use (TOU) net metering rate. The structure for both proposed rates contains three basic parts: a monthly basic service charge, a demand charge and an energy charge.

"A three-part rate design better reflects the unique costs of serving our net metering customers and eliminates the unreasonable shifting of costs between those that can access rooftop solar and net metering and those that don’t," said Kevin Geraghty, NV Energy Vice President of Energy Supply. "This is a proven rate structure that has been in use by our commercial customers for more than 50 years. Under the proposal, net metering customers still have the opportunity to reduce their bill from NV Energy if they reduce the impact they have on the grid."

The basic service charge reflects the costs associated with back-office systems, software, meters, employees and services provided to net metering customers. These costs are fixed and do not vary based on energy use. The demand charge reflects NV Energy's investment in the facilities necessary to provide reliable service to all customers:  transmission and distribution facilities and part of generating units. The energy charge reflects the volume of energy used by the customer and part of NV Energy's investment in reliable generation, and varies based on consumption.

Senate Bill 374 provides a process by which the PUCN is required to develop new net metering rules by December 31, 2015.  As part of its proposed transition plan, NV Energy will continue to accept applications from customers requesting rooftop solar after the 235-megawatt application limit is reached. For these customers whose installations are complete before the PUCN approves new net metering rules and rates, NV Energy requests to start billing the rate proposed in today’s filing on September 15, 2015. These customers will be subject to a refund in the event that the final net metering rules provide a more advantageous rate.

The PUCN will set hearings in the coming months to review NV Energy's proposal.

Today’s filing, including proposed net metering rates, can be found at

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