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Safety Tips for Kite Flying

May 18, 2003

Sierra Pacific Power Company
Contact: Gary Aldax
Phone: (775) 834-5508

For Immediate Release

Spring and summer weather in northern Nevada is perfect for flying kites. Sierra Pacific Power offers the following tips to make sure it's a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Build or buy kites made of wood or plastic. Metal or Mylar® kites pose a potential hazard since they can conduct electricity. Only use cloth for the tail.
  • Fly kites in wide-open areas away from power lines.
  • Only use cotton, linen or nylon string. Never use metallic thread, wire or wire-reinforced string. They can cause a fire, serious injury, or worse if they come in contact with energized electrical equipment.
  • Only fly kites in dry weather. When kite string gets wet, it becomes a stronger conductor of electricity.
  • If your kite is caught in electrical lines or falls into a substation, leave it there. Do not touch any part of the kite or string, and keep everyone else away. Call your local Sierra Pacific office and an employee will come out to safely retrieve it.
For more information about electrical safety, including helpful hints and fun activities for kids, visit our website at this

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