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Energy Efficiency Improvements Planned for Nonprofit Agencies For Day of Caring

Sep 26, 2004

Sierra Pacific Power Company
Contact: Karl Walquist
Phone: (702) 834-3891

New energy efficient heating and cooling equipment will be installed at offices of the Committee to Aid Abused Women (CAAW) in Reno on Sept. 29 as part of the United Way's Day of Caring. In addition, two buildings in Carson City used by the Advocates to End Domestic Violence will get new insulation.

Both projects are funded by Sierra Pacific Power Company as part of the company's commitment to the United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra. The cost of the projects is approximately $8,300.

During the United Way's Day of Caring event, teams of volunteers from companies throughout northern Nevada work at various project sites.

CAAW provides temporary shelter, transitional housing, protection orders and other support services to victims of domestic violence who are escaping from abusive relationships. The Advocates to End Domestic Violence provide similar services in Carson City.

Earlier this year Sierra Pacific awarded more than $75,000 in grants to 16 nonprofit organizations in northern Nevada to fund weatherization and energy-efficient retrofit projects at their facilities.

The agencies plan to use the grants for a variety of energy efficiency building improvements. As a result of the projects funded by the program, the 16 organizations receiving funding could save nearly $45,000 a year in electricity costs, collectively, according to Bob Balzar, director of energy efficiency and conservation for Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power in southern Nevada.

"This program is just one of a series of programs we've developed at Sierra Pacific and at our sister company, Nevada Power, to help our customers better manage their utility costs and at the same time, help our company to decrease the total amount of energy we need to purchase on the market or produce in our own power plants," Balzar said.