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Reno-Sparks Energy Costs Ranked in Middle by Research Organization

Jul 23, 1996

Sierra Pacific Power Company
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Average monthly residential energy costs for the Reno-Sparks area in the first quarter of 1996 totaled $104.46, down from $110.07 during the final quarter of 1995. Out of 307 cities surveyed during the first quarter of 1996, Reno-Sparks'energy costs were ranked as the 174th lowest.

About 56 percent of the cities in the study had lower energy costs than Reno-Sparks; approximately 44 percent had higher energy costs. The median cost for energy during the quarter was $101.27.

Monthly energy costs ranged from a low of $57.29 in Pullman, Wash., to a high of $224.44 in Philadelphia.

The survey was compiled by the ACCRA organization of Louisville, Ky., an independent research firm.

Survey totals are based on monthly household energy costs, at current prices during the survey period, for average consumption of all types of energy, including electricity, natural gas, propane, wood and heating oil.

Energy costs are computed for the previous 12 months for an 1,800 square foot new house in an urban area with all utilities.

All residential customers in northern Nevada served by Sierra Pacific Power Co. pay the same price for electricity -- 8.46 cents per kilowatt hour. Nevada electric customers received a $12.3 million price reduction in 1995 and their electricity prices are frozen until at least January 1, 1997. (Sierra Pacific provides natural gas only to the Reno-Sparks area, and gas prices are also frozen.)

ACCRA has been surveying cost-of-living differences in U.S. cities since 1968. It's a non-profit organization comprised of research staff of chambers of commerce and economic development organizations.

State and local taxes are not included in ACCRA's calculations.