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SPPCO Warns Against Bogus Utlity Calls

Mar 30, 1998

Sierra Pacific Power Company
Contact: Robert Sagan/Faye Andersen
Phone: (775) 689-4345

For Immediate Release

Sierra Pacific Power Company officials are warning Lyon County residents and others to be on guard against telephone calls allegedly being made by the utility to private residences in the area, seeking information of a personal nature.

Sierra Pacific's Chief of Security Steve Moyer says the Lyon County Sheriff's Office has reported receiving several calls from residents, who were suspicious after having been contacted by someone identifying himself as a Sierra Pacific employee.

"This caller tells the resident that a truck has hit an electric transformer, and that it may be necessary to turn off the power for a time while repairs are being made," Moyer said."The caller then asks for the address of the residence, how many people live there, and what times they would be away from home, presumably so there would be minimal inconvenience caused by the planned outage."

Moyer cautioned that Sierra Pacific does not operate in that manner, and that the company Would certainly already know the address of the residence without having to ask."Further, the caller asks for far too much personal information that we simply don't need." Moyer said.

In the case of a planned outage, Moyer said Sierra Pacific would tell people, in advance, specifically when the power would have to be out due to repairs or maintenance.

He urged the company's customers to call their local Sierra Pacific office if ever in doubt concerning a purported phone call from the utility.