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Projects Will Improve Electric Service for Customers in Elko, Spring Creek and Lamoille

Jun 21, 1999

Sierra Pacific Power Company
Contact: Karl Walquist/Bob Sagan
Phone: (775) 834-4345

For Immediate Release

Work is under way on the first of three projects to improve the reliability of electric service to Sierra Pacific Power customers in Elko, Spring Creek and Lamoille. Total cost of the improvements is approximately $565,000.

Sierra Pacific crews are upgrading the 25,000-volt (25 kV) electric distribution line that originates at the Adobe Substation west of Elko. They'll also be strengthening the power line's interconnections with the other three 25 kV lines that originate at the same substation.

As a result of the upgrades, which should take about two weeks to complete, it will be easier for the utility to transfer electric loads from one circuit to another in the event of outages. Elko customers should experience fewer outages and those that do occur should be shorter, said Elko District Operations Manager Dennis Gotcher.

In August, Sierra Pacific will upgrade approximately 5 miles of the 25 kV electric distribution line that serves a major portion of Spring Creek and Lamoille along the Spring Creek Parkway from Corral Lane to the Horse Palace turnoff. Crews will completely rebuild about 2 miles of line and install new wire on the other 3 miles.

Originally constructed by another utility, the portion of the line that is being replaced is vulnerable to weather-caused outages during the winter due to the configuration of the existing poles and wires, explained Sierra Pacific District Engineer Jim Kracaw.

The Spring Creek/Lamoille improvement project will take about a month to complete.

Sierra Pacific will also be upgrading the 25 kV electric line located in Elko on 8th Street, from Silver Street to Fairgrounds Road, beginning in October."This project will allow us to strengthen the interconnections between three distribution lines, making it easier for us to transfer electric loads from one circuit to another," Kracaw said."The benefit to customers is that we'll be able to restore service much quicker when outages occur."

The 8th Street project is expected to take two weeks to complete. Electric service to Sierra Pacific's customers should not be disrupted while any of the improvement projects are under construction.