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Power Line Upgrade Will Improve Incline Village Electric Service

Sep 21, 1999

Sierra Pacific Power Company
Contact: Karl Walquist/Bob Sagan
Phone: (775)834-4345

For Immediate Release

Sierra Pacific Power Co. is upgrading the power line between Kings Beach and Incline Village to improve the reliability and increase the emergency capacity of Incline's electric distribution system. The $500,000 project, affecting a 3.5-mile stretch of the power line, should be completed by the end of September, according to Chris Daley, North Tahoe area manager for Sierra Pacific.

The utility is increasing the electrical capacity of the 14,400-volt (14.4-kV) electric line from 600 to 900 amps ("amps" are a measurement of electric current) by replacing the existing wires or"conductors" with larger diameter conductor. Some power poles and all the existing cross-arms and insulators will have to be replaced to accommodate the new conductor. The upgrade project will enable the power line to provide more electricity to Incline Village when other energy sources are unavailable.

Normally, the community's electrical needs are served by a 120,000-volt (120-kV) electric transmission line that originates at an electrical substation east of Carson City and crosses the mountains to terminate at the Incline Substation on Sweetwater Road. From there the power is distributed over lower voltage 14.4-kV electric distribution lines to 6,600 customers.

Anytime the 120-kV power line is knocked out of service, as it was by a brushfire north of Carson City in late August, service to Incline must be manually switched to the 14.4-kV lines originating at Sierra Pacific's Kings Beach substation.

"With this upgrade, the line from Kings Beach will do a better job of meeting the needs of Incline Village," Daley explained.