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Electric System Upgrades Coming to Downtown Elko

Sep 21, 2000

Sierra Pacific Power Company
Contact: Bob Sagan / Faye I. Andersen
Phone: (775) 834-4834 / (775) 834-4822

For Immediate Release

Over the next three weeks, Sierra Pacific Power Co. crews from Elko and Reno will be working in downtown Elko to upgrade power lines in the area. The work will be concentrated on Eighth Street, between Silver Street and Fairgrounds Road, beginning Monday, September 25.

"We're upgrading our electric distribution line that serves customers in the immediate area and we will further strengthen the electric system for Elko customers around town," said Dennis Gotcher, Sierra Pacific's Elko operations manager.

According to Gotcher, the project is part of preparatory work that is being completed for a larger Sierra Pacific project to begin next year that will bring a new, second source of electricity into downtown Elko. Gotcher said that when the entire project is completed next year it will bring additional supplies of electricity into the downtown area and enhance the reliability of electric service there.

During the next three weeks, Gotcher said Sierra Pacific linemen will complete the work"hot", or with the lines remaining energized, in order to minimize disruption in service to customers.

"We're working to bring additional and more reliable power to Elko and we appreciate residents'patience while they are driving in the area of construction on Eighth Street," he said.