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Nevada Power Solicits Proposals for Electricity Generated From Renewable Fuel Sources

Oct 15, 2001

Nevada Power
Contact: Colin Duncan
Phone: (775) 834-4417

For Immediate Release

Nevada Power Company and Sierra Pacific Power Company, subsidiaries of Sierra Pacific Resources, have each issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit proposals for electricity generated from renewable fuel sources. The request is pursuant to Senate Bill 372 and is open to parties who own, propose to develop, or have rights to generating facilities utilizing renewable resources.

Responses to the RFP(s) must be received by the appropriate company by no later than November 5, 2001. If you are responding to both RFP's, a separate response to each company must be made.

To submit an RFP, please view the attached pdf with instructions, addendums and schedule information.Click Here.