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Nevada Power Inks Deal to Bring Green Energy to Nevada

Feb 28, 2002

Nevada Power
Contact: Andrea Smith (Nevada Power) / Tim Carlson (MNS Wind)
Phone: 367-5683 / 257-1770

For Immediate Release

Nevada Power signed an agreement that marks the company's largest commitment to wind power generation in southern Nevada to date. The agreement with MNS Wind Company LLC is to purchase renewable energy generated from an 85MW wind farm that will be located at the U.S. Department of Energy's Nevada Test Site. The project has the capability of producing enough clean energy to serve a community of approximately 50,000 people. Construction of 60 wind turbines is expected to begin as soon as this summer with an estimated operating date of late 2003.

MNS Wind Company is a 50/50 joint venture between Global Renewable Energy Partners (GREP), a wholly owned subsidiary of NEG Micon A/S, one of the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers, and Siemens Energy and Automation, the project's construction partner.

"We have long been interested in utilizing renewable technology as an additional energy resource for our customers. This initial effort is another step in our attempts to diversify our generation base with clean sources of energy and is consistent with our goal of providing safe and reliable service to our customers," said Mark Ruelle, president of Nevada Power. Sierra Pacific Power Company, Nevada Power's sister company in northern Nevada, has for years been a leader in utilizing renewable energy through purchased power from geothermal resources. Ruelle added that the agreement will also help Nevada Power meet the goals set by the State of Nevada through its Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, which calls for utilizing green energy for five percent of its total energy sales by 2003.

MNS Wind would be the first wind company to deliver power to Nevada through a power purchase agreement with Nevada Power."We are truly excited and hope that we will have many opportunities to offer other wind projects throughout the state in the future. We commend Nevada Power for their foresight and belief in the power of renewables," said John Johansen, president of MNS Wind."The success of our efforts can clearly be seen as an effective working partnership between private businesses, such as GREP, Siemens and Nevada Power, along with government support from Senator Harry Reid and the Department of Energy," added Johansen.

Senator Harry Reid, a long-time supporter of renewable energy in Nevada, was pleased to hear that the agreement was finalized."The time is right to embrace new forms of clean energy and Nevada is the right location to build a pollution-free wind farm. It is good for Nevada to set a positive example for the nation," said Reid. Reid and the Department of Energy (DOE) have strongly supported a nationwide effort to promote renewable energy deployment and utilization of the Nevada Test Site for commercial uses.

The DOE, in their sponsorship of the project, is spearheading a full Environmental Impact Study, which is currently underway and is expected to be released for public comment in March. Pre-construction activities such as designs for access roads, electrical substations, transmission and distribution lines and turbine layouts are also underway.

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada will be required to review and approve the agreement between Nevada Power and MNS Wind to ensure that the actions of the parties are prudent and that the provisions of the agreement are in full compliance with the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard. Although specific terms of the agreement were not released, Nevada Power officials indicated that the prices are competitive with other sources of green power.

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