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Nevada Power Company and The City Of Henderson Partner To Save Money

Jul 27, 1998

Nevada Power
Contact: Tom Henley
Phone: (702) 367-5681

For Immediate Release

Nevada Power Company and the City of Henderson are partnering with the Department of Energy to form Rebuild Henderson, part of the national Rebuild America program. The celebration luncheon to launch the program is being held Wednesday, July 29, to explain how other interested parties can get involved.

Rebuild America is a voluntary, multi-year program designed to improve energy efficiency in governmental, commercial and multi-family buildings. Rebuild works on the local level through partnership arrangements between local utilities and city or county officials. These organizations then work together to incorporate energy-saving technologies in the design, development and operation of new buildings. The savings benefit all community members by decreasing the energy costs of government owned buildings.

Henderson City Councilman Amanda Cyphers believes the city can lead the way to immediate and substantial cost savings, saying,"If we can reduce local energy costs by just one percent, we will have redirected $8 million back into the local economy."

"Nevada Power Company has provided energy-efficiency services to southern Nevada for many years," said Cindy Gilliam, vice president, Retail Customer Services."This partnership is a good example of our commitment to working with our customers to find innovative energy solutions that meet their specific needs."

"The program will be a benefit to everyone in Henderson, from the lower income single-family household, to major-commercial industry," said Skeet Fitzgerald, Housing Development manager, City of Henderson.