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Partnership Beautifies Community and Ensures Power Reliability

Apr 28, 1999

Nevada Power
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For Immediate Release

Nevada Power Company has teamed up with a Las Vegas City Councilman to beautify a power substation and ensure a more reliable power supply to area residents at the same time. Ward One Las Vegas City Councilman Michael McDonald listened to his constituents and their suggestions regarding aesthetics of the Michael Way substation, near the corner of Michael Way and Vegas Drive, and worked with Nevada Power Company to beautify the landscaping around the substation.

The new design incorporates indigenous desert plants into the landscape, while decreasing the visibility of the interior equipment of the substation.

By replacing the perimeter wall and improving the landscaping, the Company effectively increases the level of safety around the substation and safety is always a chief concern for Nevada Power Company. The Company also increased the level of power flowing into and out of the area to meet the needs of a growing area population.

"By coupling the enhanced landscaping with improvements to the area power supply, everyone wins with this type of community partnership," said Michael Niggli, CEO, president and COO Nevada Power Company."We are working with other government agencies to improve the landscaping of older substations. We're proud of our commitment to increase the beauty of neighborhoods. We hope to see similar results on additional projects."

"This agreement not only beautifies the neighborhood, it also helps Nevada Power provide more reliable power to the area and meet the needs of a growing population," said Councilman Michael McDonald."The key to the success of this arrangement was working together."