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Nevada Power Company Recommends Efficient Use of Energy This Summer

Apr 24, 2000

Nevada Power
Contact: Sonya Headen
Phone: (702) 367-5680

For Immediate Release

The hot desert climate keeps air-conditioning units churning to keep homes cool and comfortable. Here are some tips on how to keep homes cool and use energy efficiently this summer.
  • Don't over cool an empty home - when away, set thermostat 4 to 6 above the normal setting.

  • Circulate the air - ceiling fans or portable fans can make a room feel 10 percent cooler, which allows you to set the thermostat 2 degrees above the normal.

  • Keep the sun out - close blinds or curtains and consider exterior shading such as sunscreens, awnings, window film or rolling shutters.

  • Check your air-conditioning filter monthly and replace as needed. A clean air-conditioning filter gives you maximum air circulation and keeps your air-conditioning unit near peak operating levels.

  • Don't cool and heat your home at the same time - ovens, clothes dryers and dishwashers increase your cooling requirements. Cook with a microwave; use heat-producing appliances before 10 a.m. or after 7 p.m.