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Nevada Power Company Speaks From The Heart

Jun 15, 2000

Nevada Power
Contact: Sonya Headen
Phone: (702) 367-5680

For Immediate Release

Nevada Power Company works hard to inform customers about topics related to the electric utility industry. As a result, Nevada Power Company has designed a Speakers Bureau to inform the community about its efforts to improve operations and customer service, while meeting the challenges growth presents.

Speakers are available, free of charge, to small and large groups. The presentations are designed to cover such topics as: Commitment to the Community, Customer Service, Restructuring of the Electric Utility Industry, Electrical Safety, Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF), Energy Efficiency, Environmental Issues, Raptor (Protection and Recovery), Nevada Power Company as an Investment Opportunity and other related issues.

For information regarding available speakers, please call (702) 227-2632. Nevada Power Company can be found at the brightest spot on the World Wide Web at