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Nevada Power Sets Record Peak

Jul 11, 2005

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Sonya Headen 702-367-5222

Nevada Power Company today set a record system peak of 5,062 megawatts (MW) at 5 p.m., breaking the previous record of 4,969 MW set on August 11, 2004.

The company anticipates today's record could be exceeded as early as this week or later this summer.

Increases in demand can be attributed to customer growth as well as weather factors. Nevada Power has more than 740,000 customers today, compared with approximately 700,000 customers a year ago.

Tips to help customers stay cooler include setting air conditioners to 78 degrees, utilizing programmable thermostats, using certain appliances (ovens, dishwashers, clothes dryers, etc.,) during off-peak hours (8 p.m.â€" 11 a.m.) as well as running ceiling and oscillating fans to help increase airflow.

For more information on energy conservation tips visit the company's website at