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Douglas County Schools Save Energy with Sure Bet for Schools Grants

Sep 25, 2005

Energy efficiency is paying off for Douglas County schools.

Contact: Karl Walquist, (775) 834-3891

The Douglas County School District is getting $36,495 from Sierra Pacific Power Company for energy efficiency improvements at Carson Valley Middle School, Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School and Jacks Valley Elementary School. Combined annual energy savings from the projects at the middle schools is estimated to be at least $5,500.

The school district applied for funds offered through Sierra Pacific Power's Nevada Sure Bet for Schools program. Northern Nevada schools are expected to receive $320,000 from Sierra Pacific during 2005 for energy efficiency upgrades and technical studies offered through this program.

"Sure Bet for Schools offers great opportunities for northern Nevada's school districts to save money on their energy bills, and in some cases the energy efficiency projects can be incorporated into the curriculum,"explained John Hargrove, project manager for energy efficiency and conservation programs for Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power, its sister company in southern Nevada.

The following Sure Bet for Schools energy efficiency projects are planned by the Douglas County School District.

  • Existing metal halide lights in the gymnasium at Carson Valley Middle School will be replaced with energy efficient, T-5 fluorescent lights that are brighter and 30 percent more energy efficient.
  • At Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School, the school district will install a more energy efficient“variable frequency drive” motor to run the cooling fan blower for the air conditioning system. (Monitoring equipment provided to the school will enable students to see how the motor operates.)
  • New controls will be installed to operate lighting, heating and air conditioning at Jacks Valley Elementary School and Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School, and to help the schools monitor their energy consumption. The upgraded controls will save energy and improve the quality of the classroom environment for students.   

The projects are expected to be completed at all three schools by December.

"It's a wonderful program,"said Jim Bell, director of building services for the school district."Everyone has been 100 percent helpful."