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Fallon Tribe Earns $50,390 Rebate for Solar Project

Nov 10, 2005

Contact: Karl Walquist, (775) 834-3891

The Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe received a $50,390 rebate check from Sierra Pacific Power on Nov. 10 for using solar energy at the Tribe's new administration building at 565 Rio Vista.

Sierra Pacific Power President Jeff Ceccarelli and Mary Simmons, the utility's vice president for external affairs, presented the rebate to Tribal Chairman Alvin Moyle at an open house and building dedication attended by about 50 people.

“This facility will demonstrate the Tribe's efforts to help save our environment by harnessing the sun's power to produce some of the electricity the Tribe needs,” said Moyle. “It will also provide us with a building that is self-contained in terms of power which is a good alternative in the event of an emergency.”

To qualify for the rebate through Sierra Pacific's SolarGenerations program, the Tribe installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building to convert sunlight into about 10,000 watts of electricity, providing most of the energy required to operate lights and equipment in the building. Any excess energy will be sent back into Sierra Pacific's system and would result in a credit on the Tribe's power bill.

The rebate amounts to $5 per watt of electricity produced.

“The Tribe has installed a real-time display in its foyer that shows how much energy is being produced by the sun,” added Tim Carlson, who has been working with the Tribe on economic development and energy projects.

Alternative Energy Solutions from Reno installed the photovoltaic system as well as the lobby display.

Nearly 50 SolarGenerations projects at homes, businesses, schools and public buildings, capable of producing about 242 kilowatts of electricity, have been completed or are currently under construction for the first phase of the program, and over $1 million in rebates has been paid to participants. Another 137 projects, capable of producing up to 1,900 kilowatts of electricity have been approved for the second year of the program, and could result in rebates of $5.7 to $7.6 million.

For more information about photovoltaic power and Sierra Pacific's rebate program, call 866-PV-NEVADA or