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SolarGenerations Program Enters Fourth Year

Jul 31, 2006

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Faye I. Andersen (775) 834-4822

Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power Company are currently accepting applications for the fourth year of SolarGenerations, a statewide program that provides cash rebates to electric customers who use photovoltaic (PV) technology to generate electricity.

The PV technology consists of photovoltaic panels, usually produced from silicon, which convert sunlight into direct current electricity which is then converted into alternating current by“inverters” so it can power lights and appliances.

Among those eligible to participate are residential customers, small businesses, schools and government agencies connected to either the Sierra Pacific or Nevada Power electric grids, said Project Manager John Hargrove of Sierra Pacific's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Department. 

Residential and small business customers who install photovoltaic power systems can earn rebates of $3 per watt of electricity produced, and public buildings and schools are eligible for rebates of $5 per watt, Hargrove said. There are a finite number of SolarGenerations applications available each year and in previous years, customers filled those slots within only a few weeks. Once the cut-off is reached, interested customers are put on a waiting list for the next year's program.

He added that interested customers should call 866-PV-NEVADA (866-786-3823), or visit the program website,, to learn more about the program or to download an application. The website also lists licensed Nevada electrical contractors and other consultants who have attended one of more solar training classes sponsored by Sierra Pacific Power and/or Nevada Power Company. 

Approved projects for Year Four, must be completed by June 30, 2008 to be eligible for a rebate. Residential customers are eligible for rebates for up to 5 kilowatts of installed photovoltaic panels; systems installed by small commercial customers, schools and public buildings can earn rebates on a maximum of 30 kilowatts.

Customer applications are reviewed by the Nevada Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Task Force and must be approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada in order for participants to earn rebates.

Approximately 140 SolarGenerations projects, capable of producing up to 680 kilowatts of electricity were completed during the first two years of the project and $2.9 million in rebates was paid to participants. Another 402 projects, capable of generating up to 1,900 kilowatts of electricity have been approved for the third year of the program, which could amount to rebates totaling $5.3 million for customers.