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NV Energy Sends Aid to Restore Power to PG&E Customers

Feb 1, 2010

Media Contact:  Faye I. Andersen

NV Energy employees'expertise and specialty equipment used in restoring power during and after severe snowstorms aided Pacific Gas& Electric (PG&E) customers last week around Oakhurst and Auberry, California. 

Following last week's storms, thousands of PG&E customers in remote foothill areas of the Sierra have been left without power for days.   As part of a mutual assistance agreement between the two utilities, NV Energy sent a six-man crew, along with three"snow cats"capable of traveling over snowy terrain to reach these remote customers.  The crew also drove line trucks, a bucket truck and utility trailers to help with the restoration project.

"Our employees have spent this past week in some very snowy conditions, clearing tree limbs and downed power lines caused by severe weather,"said Frank Gonzales, executive for Energy Delivery for NV Energy. "We were glad to be able to help PG&E since we have the special equipment to reach these remote areas, and the trained personnel to get the job done under adverse conditions."