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NV Energy Foundation to Present $100,000 Grant to V&T Railroad

Apr 2, 2010

Media Contact: Karl Walquist (775)834-3891

The effort to reconstruct the historic Virginia& Truckee Railroad is receiving a boost from NV Energy with a $100,000 grant to the Northern Nevada Railway Foundation, the fund-raising arm of the Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway.

NV Energy will present the grant at the commission's Monday, April 5, meeting. The presentation will be in the Sierra Room of the Carson City Community Center, 851 East William St., at 3 p.m. and the public is invited.  NV Energy officials on hand to present the check will include Jeff Ceccarelli, president; Karen Ross, community relations manager, Brian Costello, director of regional operations, and Carolyn Barbash, gas distribution executive.

"NV Energy feels it is especially significant for us to be the first corporate sponsor of the V&T railway effort since our origins are so closely tied to the legendary Comstock, not unlike the railway itself,"Ceccarelli said.

Dwight Millard, chairman of the Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction the V&T Railway said he and his fellow commission members Bob Hadfield, Doug Johnson, Larry McPherson, Bob Crowell, Bonnie Weber, John Tyson, Ron Allen and John Flanagan are all grateful that NV Energy is"on board"with the V&T.

NV Energy traces its earliest roots to the mining industry in Virginia City.  A small hydroelectric power plant along the Truckee River near Floriston, Calif., built by one of NV Energy's predecessor companies, started providing electricity to the Comstock in 1900. NV Energy is now a statewide electric and natural gas utility serving over 1.3 million customers throughout Nevada and northeastern California.

Although the V&T Railway had a relatively short life from 1869 to 1950, it remains one of the most famous American short line railroads in history.  It was noted for its highly innovative engineering, rapid construction (built in less than one year) and its role in precious metal transport. The V&T had colorful 81-year history. 

Realizing the historical significance of the railroad, Tom Gray began the reconstruction of the V&T in Virginia City in 1974.  Mr. Gray ultimately extended the reborn railroad to Gold Hill in 1980, creating a 1.8 mile long excursion/tourist operation that is an integral part of Virginia City's tourism economy.

Further recognizing the opportunity to re-create history and to provide a tourist attraction for Nevada, the Tri County Railway Commission was created by the Nevada Legislature in 1993 to raise funds, acquire rights-of-way and administer the reconstruction of the V&T from Gold Hill to Carson City.  The renamed and expanded Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway (NCRVTR or Commission) is currently in charge of the reconstruction effort that will ultimately create a 16.7 mile extension of the present railroad to Carson City.  The Northern Nevada Railway Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, was formed in 1996 to further assist with fundraising efforts.
Trustees of the foundation include Star Anderson, Janice Ayres, Jonathan Boulware, Marsha Burgess, Judie Fisher-Crowley, Bob Hadfield, Jim Jenks, Bill Kreider, Doug Laird, Susan Martinovich, Ted Short, Bruce Theil and Don Webster.

The re-creation of this famous railroad is expected to have significant economic impact on Northern Nevada through job creation and tourism revenue.

For more information on becoming a sponsor of the V&T go towww.steamtrain.orgor email the Foundation  Telephone is 775-885-6933.