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Apply Online for Solar Rebates

Sep 1, 2011

NV Energy customers who'd like to convert sunlight into electricity can apply for the company's solar energy rebate program anytime between Sept. 16 and Sept. 28. Because only 2.6 megawatts of customer-installed solar power will be eligible for rebates, the applicants will be selected by a lottery scheduled for Sept. 30.

Applications will be available online on the NV Energy RenewableGenerations website at

Residential customers, small businesses, schools and public buildings are eligible to participate in the program, which was created by the Nevada State Legislature in 2003 to encourage Nevadans to reduce their energy bills by generating some of their electricity with photovoltaic solar panels. Since the start of the initiative, 20 megawatts of solar energy have been installed statewide, and nearly $80 million has been paid in financial incentives.

Rebates for the next round of projects will range from $1.70 per watt for residential customers and small businesses to $4.70 per watt for schools and public buildings, according to John Hargrove, manager of energy efficiency and conservation for NV Energy. "Although only a small number of projects will be selected for the next round, we expect to conduct another application process during the first half of 2012," Hargrove said. 

He said customers interested in using renewable energy, and reducing their installation costs with rebates, should also consider the company's new solar water heating program, as well as existing rebate programs for small wind turbines and hydroelectric power. Residential customers can receive rebates up to $3,000 for solar water heating installations, depending on whether their existing water heater is powered by electricity or natural gas. Visit the RenewableGenerations page at for more details.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, NV Energy, Inc. is a holding company with principal subsidiaries, Nevada Power Company and Sierra Pacific Power Company, doing business as NV Energy. Serving a combined 45,592-square-mile service territory, NV Energy provides a wide range of energy services and products to approximately 2.4 million citizens of Nevada and nearly 40 million tourists annually.

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